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Hello, dear knife friend and a warm welcome!

rcm-005 - My first knive, build 2004 As a hiker, mycologist, fisherman, archer, hunter, amateur carpenter and enthusiastic vegetable chopper, but also in normal life, good knives mean a lot to me. Industrial products could not satisfy me in the long run.

Inspired by checking out various forums, at some point I came into contact with the knife manufacturing scene. The thought to try it myself came relatively quickly, as a complete wood workshop and a few manual skills were already available.

rcm-175 - a newer knive, build 2007 On the following pages, I would like to show how a hobby can develop, if one pursues it seriously and with perseverance.

At this time not all of the pages are available in English. For the whole content, e.g. the gallery, please switch to the german view